As far back as she can remember, LaTonya Richardson has wanted to be a writer. Her start came in Mrs. Edith Lambert’s sixth-grade class when she won a district-wide writing contest. Thanks to her mom, she still has that essay. During high school, she had her sights on writing for Hallmark greeting cards.


The telling a great story has the power to change, inspire, touch, and captivate. Children’s books have always been her favorite of all other genres. Children look at the world differently, and LaTonya is intrigued by their honesty, humor, and simple view of the world. She wants to tell stories that protect and highlight those traits.


A tale of two unlikely friends, Al-the-Gator and Raycoon. After a ve-e-ery long nap, Al-the-Gator is hungrier than ever and sets out to find a snack. Al convinces Ray, a very favorable candidate, to help him make bayou stew like his grand mamaw used to make... And that's just how all the fun starts.The pair chop, dice and stir up a large pot of stew. Do they finally figure out what's missing?

Ruby Quinn is left with no family and feels deserted. She soon finds out family is not

always blood, but those who want to be in her life. The gang at Thurkill’s Grocery Store

and the Marshall’s want the very best for her... just like a family would.  

What does a fishing pole, beekeepers hat, a butterfly net, and a jar of jelly beans have in common?It's the making of a great adventure. A bear hunt!"When two city kids get bored with country life, their clever uncle devises a plan to hunt for bear. Along the way, the boys discover the thrill of chasing butterflies, catching fish, and collecting honey." 


Reviews from Readers        +   

Going on a Bear Hunt is a great read for all ages! This book not only grabs your attention with the beautiful artwork and bold colors but the story inside takes you on an amazing adventure! I love reading this book to my one year old! It’s relatable, fun and the boys on the front look like him! I recommend this book to everyone! Buy the book, take a trip and catch a Bear! - J. Duhon




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